How is DAPA going to help students with duration of status D/S stamp on their passport?

USCIS states that (FAQ Q-43,44,45) students with duration of status D/S stamp on passport may NOT get benefit unless at SEVIS website (tracks students) is listed as "status" terminated! Well, for DAPA which is to be parallel to DACA - there are individuals came to US decades ago long before SEVIS existed and they r out of status by every lawyer's point of view. Is USCIS going to deport them???!! Isn't it a contradiction on their own policy to go before judge and face deportation ?? Out of status by all definition, parents of US born children, no convictions, lived here over a decade and yet they may face deportation!!! How DAPA is going to help them? HOW ????


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The details of the DAPA process have not yet been released. You raise a very important issue that should be considered by USCIS once the details of the process are released.

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