Am I eligible for DAPA

Hi, I am an international student under F1 visa since 2008. On 1/1/2010 I was out of the US for a vacation and I was back on 1/4/2010. Later in 2010 i was out of the US for 5 months In 2013 I left US for 8 months and I was back on 03/2014. I am under nonimmigrant status but I have a child born before 11/2014. Counting the time I have been in the US , I have been here for more than 5 years. Please advise if I am eligible to apply for DAPA? My spouse was an international student since 2007 and he left the US on 6/2010. He came back on 3/2014 under visitor visa and currently he is out of status. Would you advise if he is also eligible to apply for DAPA? Thank you!


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You do not appear to be eligible for DAPA. You can review the eligibility guidelines here:

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