With DAPA, will I be eligible for advance parole?

With dapa will I be eligible to file for advance parole to go see my mom I haven't seen for 15 years. Also if I get advance parole once I leave the country and come back it will be like I never left . So no ban ? Also will my wit be able to adjust my status her and I file for my permanent residency


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You have asked some very good questions. Unfortunately I cant answer them without knowing the details of your situation. But generally, people who are granted DAPA will also be eligible to apply for Advance Parole so they can travel for business or important personal reasons. The immigration executive actions included a directive that a clear policy be put in place so that the 3 and 10 bars do not apply to people who leave the U.S. on Advance Parole. But leaving the U.S. on Advance Parole always carries risks. It is critical that you have your situation reviewed by a licensed attorney before you depart the U.S. with Advance Parole so that you understand the legal risks and possible consequences.

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