how to apply for dapa if one is in order of supervision for 7 years and qualify? where to get help?

Where to get help in Cleveland ohio?


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The DACA/DAPA application process will be no different if you are currently on an order of supervision. If you think you qualify for DACA or DAPA and are also in the intense supervision or ISAP program you should contact (or have your attorney contact) your ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations officer to request that you be taken off ISAP. Many ICE field offices are placing DACA/DAPA eligible immigrants on less intense supervision while they apply for DACA or DAPA. As always, its very important to first seek the advice of a licensed immigration attorney before contacting ICE and or taking any action that could affect your immigration status. If you are seeking help in the Cleveland, Ohio area you can get a list of licensed lawyers who are members of the American Immigration Lawyers Association at

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