How will the 2014 Eased Travel Restrictions for DACA be different?

I was reading in article about " What we won for 2014 " for DACA and one of the things I read on there was Eased Travel Internationally. Is there any way to get a little more clarification on this? I know that now if you are under DACA you can travel internationally if you apply for advance parole and even then you have to have good reasoning as to why you need to leave the country, but this thing say specifically " Eased Travel Restrictions - Easier international travel with Deferred Action " all after Executive Action happened most recently. Thanks!


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The immigration executive actions direct that the Department of Homeland Security revise the rules to ensure that DACA recipients (and others) who depart the U.S. and return with a valid "advance parole" document will not be subject to the 3 and 10 year bars to readmission to the U.S. or adjustment of status. It's critical to understand that the rules governing travel with Advance Parole are very complicated and regardless of the expected changes, departure with a valid advance parole document can have serious consequences to a person's ability to reenter the U.S. regardless of the Immigration Executive Actions. So it's critical to get advice from a licensed attorney before departing the U.S. on advance parole.

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