I received healthcare subsidies through obamacare while on Daca since. Will this affect my Daca renewal and chances of Adjusting my status ? I cancelled my policy as soon as I found out Daca recipients werent eligible.

My wife was the one that filled out the application through Covered California. She was under the impression that DACA recipients were lawfully present so she entered my ssn and send a copy of my ead card. The authorized rep that helped pick a plan as well as a customer service rep told her that DACA recipients were indeed eligible for benefits. The application was approved for both of our subsidies but I recently heard that DACA recipients were excluded from Obama Care so she immediately cancelled the policy. We were planning to adjust my status since she is a USC but I am worried that this mistake will cost me my green card or even cause an issue when trying to renew my DACA application.

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