I was previously protected by my congressman's bill, but my congressman retired and I was expected DACA to protect me, am I in danger of deportation now?

I was in line for deportation and arrested by ICE, but was able to win support from my congressman Henry Waxman to submit a bill which protected me for 6 years. He retired last November and I have not met the new congressman because I expected DACA to protect me. Now that I cannot submit my paperwork, am I in immediate danger of deportation again?


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It's important to understand that full protection from deportation can only come when Congress passes a new law and the president signs it. But if you qualify for DACA, DACA+ or DAPA you are probably also not among the undocumented immigrants that are targets for deportation. The President's immigration enforcement priorities remain in place. That means that immigration agents should be chasing down felons, people who threaten our national security and recent border crossers, not immigrants who qualify for DACA, DACA+ or DAPA. If you or someone you know is arrested by immigration agents, it's critical that you contact a licensed attorney immediately. You should also contact groups like America's Voice (americasvoiceonline.org) who work to ensure President Obama keeps his word that there will be consequences for immigration agents who do not follow the enforcement priorities.

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