Ifheldup in the courts or denied by courts how does it effect immigrants? Why is it supposedly illegalfor our President to do this whn ronald Reagaan and bush both did it, is it illlegal for democrates but lgal for reublicans and why?



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The DACA and DAPA guidance is designed to assist the administration in implementing its stated enforcement priorities. Those that qualify for DACA and DAPA are low enforcement priorities. Therefore, whatever happens to DACA and DAPA in the courts should not affect whether or not DACA and DAPA eligibles are deported--they should not be deported regardless of the DACA/DAPA guidance. Obviously, without DACA and DAPA the process of seeking a deportation reprieve will be much more chaotic and confusing. But the result should be the same--a case by case review of individual applicants requests for deferred action.

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