my father plead guilty felony without notice no jail time 1994. he is in deportation

well . my father is in deportation since May 2004 in Miami Florida. Judge Denise Slavin request evidence for good character of government agency in New York. The evidence from Det. of Port Chester Police in New York come in May 2006. TOO LATE. He hiring several lawyers file 3 motion for reopen and unfortunately was denied. My Father arrive to this country with visa B1- B2 in Miami airport April 5,1986. He is 58 years old half the his life is in this country. I am his son USA Citizen work with Air Force in San Antonio Texas. Her daughter USA Citizen work with Air Force also in North Dakota. My mother ( His wife) is USA Citizen since 2009. my father work with community help children like soccer coach great reputation . Also work with Foundation to Help People. many lawyers steal his money and never give him the solution. All his family is in USA. no more family in his Country Colombia. My grandmother ( his mother) is Resident. His Brother is USA Citizen. mother in law is USA Citizen. His problem start when my father hire of lawyer Jose Orlando Castaneda in 1989 in Port Chester for handle his immigration case . 1990 my father report his lawyer issue with a friend from Colombia about money transaction offer to him. His lawyer recommended DEA Agent. ED Ames. My father help to them to try to arrest the Colombia Guy plus other cases in Port Chester New York. Also DEA agent help my father to apply and get his first authorization employment with immigration in Manhattan New York. 1993 my father move to Fort Davie Florida family reasons. Star to work like manager with Chevron. 1994 back to New York to visit his mother and ask to Det. Ames to help and finish his petition with immigration. Det. Ames interview with him and give some papers and offer help. the same moment another group arrest my father and charge to him with the same evidence the checks that my father give to Det. Ames for the guy of Colombia. Because the guy from Colombia never get arrest. they ask my father declaration in front of grand jury against Colombia Guy, and they promise let to him free. Jose Orlando Castaneda handle the case and explain to my father just accept the offer play guilty for money laundering, no time jail and 5 years probation. without notice the immigration prejudice against him. My father very stress take the opportunity to back to Florida. The sentence was Jan 1995 . Again 1997 my father call Det. Heriberto Collazos ask to him help with immigration issue. Det Collazos said to my father we need to you back to New York because you are violation of probation order. my father ask why? nobody give me any notice. Any way my father back to New York they pay for expenses. And miracle they give credit for the time do not show up, and sent back to continue his probation in Florida. My father still need real help. please.


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I'm sorry, but your question is best answered by the attorney who represents your father.

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