My husband qualify for both DACA and DAPA, which is better for him to apply?

My husband first came to the US when he was 11 years old and graduated form High School. Got voluntary departure in 1999, came back on 2000 illegally and activated the 10 years ban. He's been in the US since 02/2000. We have 4 kids and he his record is clean. Reading the qualifications for Extended DACA and DAPA, it seems he qualify for either one. Which one would be better for him to apply for. Thanks


Hi there, Thanks for your question. Your question is very similar to a question that has already been asked and answered: Here's what we said: "DACA and DAPA both offer a chance to apply for a temporary reprieve from deportation for an initial 3 year period and employment authorization based on a showing of economic need. They have different eligibility requirements but they both lead to the same exact thing--deferred action. If you qualify for both, the advantage to applying for DACA is that you can apply in a few days--USCIS will begin accepting applications on February 18. The DAPA process is not expected to begin until May 2015."

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