A Ph.D. degree from USA, no family just me-22 years here will one day be able to get my Green Card, so as to work freely?

I don't apply for DAPA/DACA as I am by myself, worked and studied hard ... two Master Degrees and a Ph.D. in Education, currently working as a Spanish Teacher. I speak English, Spanish, Portuguese and quite decent French, so highly qualified. My working visa expired and now, just working here and there. I have applied every year to the Visa Lottery: obviously never chosen. Sometimes, I get quite desperate. I am from Chile and my name is Nancy Gomez. A couple of years ago, I even wrote directly to President Obama and the First Lady- separate letters. I never got an answer. Thank you very much, Nancy Gomez, Ph.D.


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Possibly, but it's impossible to say without more facts. It's advisable for you to consult with a licensed attorney

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