Please clarify attorney advice from, that DACA eligible applicants ARE eligible to apply for green cards IF they have completed two years toward a bacherlor's degree or higher.

Previous answers on this site indicate DACA eligible persons cannot apply for green cards. According to, and the New York Times, DACA eligibles can apply for Permanent Residency (green cards) after completing Two Years or more toward a bacherlor's degree or higher at an institution of higher learning. The previous information (answers) given here by your attorneys does not indicate this, and could discourage many DACA eligible persons. If the information in the first paragraph is true, please correct the previous answers on this site. Negative information could discourage a lot of young people. This needs to be cleared up. Thank you, and I realize your website is performing a vital service. I appreciate your help. Thank you, Matthew Dyer Bennet


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Matthew, neither DACA nor DACA+ nor DAPA provide any pathway to a green card or citizenship. Nor is there anything in the deferred action guidance that provides DACA eligibles can apply for lawful status, immigrant or nonimmigrant, after completing 2 years or more toward a bachelor's degree. Perhaps you've misunderstood what you've read on Mr. Shusterman's site and in the NYT.

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