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I translated my legal name of "Jacobo" in Spanish to "Jacob" In English, Ever since the 6th grade. So name in Paychecks all my life/ School records starting after said grade, Bank account/ EVEN MY INCOME TAXES I Believe are under "Jacob" my common english version ALBEIT NOT legal name of "Jacobo" Spanish version... IS THIS GOING TO HAUNT ME GOING INTO THE PAPERWORK/ FILING OF DOCUMENTS?? I AM ABLE TO PRODUCE ALL DOCUMENTS N RECORDS. Since back in d day. L.A. ONLY home I know. However, Having said this... Should I approach WORK/ BANK/ ETC... N START REQUESTING my name b changed from my Common English version I go by ALL MY LIFE, to d Spanish Version which is my name, " Legally". I am hardworking/ TAXPAYING American... I just hope this doesn't become an ISSUE. Praying. Any Advice??? L.A. Native.


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Based on what you've written I dont see a problem. Many people use English versions of their names. Just be sure you can track your use of the name back.

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