Under Order of Supervision DAPA Eligible at risk?

I am currently under Order of Supervision and report to ICE in Salt Lake City UT. They asked me to apply for my passport and other travel documents while I am under Order Of Supervision (i-220b) which was one of the conditions. Now I am nervous what will happen because implementation of DAPA has been put on hold. I qualify for DAPA. I have no criminal record and have been here since 1999. I have to report to local ICE at Salt Lake City, UT on April 16th. Please help.


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Even though the DAPA guidelines are on hold, if you qualify for DAPA you are also not an enforcement priority. Therefore, you should not be removed/deported from the U.S. If ICE advises you to depart the U.S. or threatens to take you into custody, please contact a licensed attorney immediately. You can also seek assistance or guidance from nonprofit groups. Please keep America's Voice Education Fund advised of any developments in your case.

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