What will happened with the people who overstayed their J1 visa 4years ago and haven't left the country since then!?

I overstayed my J1 visa 4 years ago. I stayed and work in this country all this years. I have my ID, Driving license and my social security card ( my SSC was issued in 2008 in Destin , FLorida when on my first visit to United States and I have been using the same sicne) . I would like to know how does any of this immigration actions will affect us , people who overstayed our J1 visa???? Are we going to be able to receive a new social security card?


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The immigration executive actions generally require that you have been present in the U.S. since before 01/01/2014. You may qualify to apply for relief depending on your particular circumstances. I recommend that you seek the advice of a licensed attorney who can review your case and advise you about your immigration options.

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