whats the point of daca? what changes?

whats the point of getting daca, what changes when getting daca? what rights do we have, working?? we being working for many years in the US and yet we still get away with it, DACA or not can still get jobs,what benefits do students get? its still really hard to get scholarships, why get DACA then?? Their a low chance a daca student we qualify for student aid. Also we still cant have the opportunity to participate in the military, why?? some of us actually want to have the opportunity, but get it taken away just cause we are not citizens and we don't have a simple number(social number) which because of that simple number, it destroys a lot of peoples goals and dreams? why not give us the chance, the right to become a citizen I think some of us deserves it, not all of us are criminals, but were fighters who have to struggle to sustain a good life because of the lack of opportunities.

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