Which provides the most benefits DACA or DAPA?

I qualify for both DACA (I graduated from college) and DAPA (I have two children). Since applicatios for DACA come out first, I'm wondering whether I should apply for it, or wait for applicatios for DAPA to be available. Does one or the other offer more benefits in the long run?


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DACA and DAPA both offer a chance to apply for a temporary reprieve from deportation for an initial 3 year period and employment authorization based on a showing of economic need. They have different eligibility requirements but they both lead to the same exact thing--deferred action. If you qualify for both, the advantage to applying for DACA is that you can apply in a few days--USCIS will begin accepting applications on February 18. The DAPA process is not expected to begin until May 2015.

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