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I was left behind of this executive action made up by the president. I think thats the end of the line, since the GOP is showing no wish to go to a conference on a definitely immigration bill. This was my last hope to get included in this executive action to have privileges not to be deported. Unfortunately couldn't be this way. I'm wondering if you guys as an immigration advocate group would make a petition to the president to supress a requirement to be 16 y.o. in some cases to qualify for expanded DACA since him did expanded birthday date, so I would qualify if wasn't this requirement in place.


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Even though you may not qualify to apply for DACA or DAPA there may be other options available to you under the law. I strongly recommend that you seek the advice of a licensed attorney to evaluate your particular case. Regarding changes to DACA or DAPA, it's important to understand that these processes are not new laws or immigration statuses. They are temporary processes designed to implement the president's immigration enforcement priorities. Only Congress can change the law. Hopefully they will overhaul the broken immigration system so that all deserving undocumented immigrants will have an opportunity to earn their way to permanent lawful immigration status.

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